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Antiques & Design

The Malassis Market, whose innovative architecture and vast dome were established in 1989 at the entrance of the Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen, quickly affirmed its presence and originality. Its partly covered alleys call both on the ground floor and on the first floor to a stroll in time, from the eighteenth century to the new design, suitable for discovery.

Beautiful volumes arranged in the spirit of a “gallery” where small stands overflow with furniture and objects… The hundred or so merchants based in Malassis have created a unique atmosphere on the Puces market.


Antique decorators. These Antique dealers possess the art of finding furniture or sometimes unusual objects, to restore them and to include them in an atmosphere that they create according to their inspiration of the moment. They brilliantly mix waxed furniture or with patinas found, fun objects or diverted from their original function to give birth to a charming decoration, baroque or neo-classical, sometimes including more contemporary components.

Art of living

Thematic shops. Some antique shops have particular affinities for an era and its style, associated with a certain art of living. These include orientalist stalls, tableware, bistro furniture, marine objects, a writer’s library or an artist’s studio, collectors (watches, toys, postcards, etc.), beaded trimmings and jewellery… It is a real inventory in the manner of Prévert, unexpected and playful, to be discovered or rediscovered.


The 20th century is widely represented on the Malassis Market:

- 30s and 40s furniture with clean lines and balanced volumes using the richness of precious wood,

- pieces of the 50s brilliantly exploiting new materials,

- designer furniture from the 1970s resulting from intense creative bubbling


At the end of this walk along the market’s alleys, the visitor emerges a little disoriented, as after a trip… Fast travel, varied, full of beautiful encounters.

Plan of Marché Malassis